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Glad to be here

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:12 am
by Ungreatful1
Believe it or not, MBG was not created by me. I do not own the name, I did not come up with the acronym, or the community to which the acronym refers to. I mostly played single player PC games most of my life. However, about 4 years ago a fellow gaming buddy and I started playing DayZ. At the time this game was awesome. PvP survival with zombies. We stumbled upon a DayZ server that had some serious loot spawns at the Vybor military base. The server was not super populated but there were a few players online at any given time. So XXX and I decided to make this our primary DayZ server to play on and build a camp and base to stash loot. As we explored the map, I sent a global message to the server asking if anyone was online. I received a message from another player right away. I asked if he or she was friendly and what not. We started a communication chat for some time. Later we would find that this individual was part of a clan that owned the server we were on, MBG. From that moment on we were welcomed to the MBG community, which has many members. Here we are today, the MBG community grew and as members we would contribute in any way we could. We played DayZ, Arma, PUBG and most recently SCUM. Welcome to MBG.